Hair Regrowth (Nutraceuticals)

Your Hair, Restored

Hair Regrowth

Hair Regrowth

Natural Regrowth | Nonsurgical | Drug-Free | No Sexual Side-Effects

As we age, thinning hair can become a serious concern when it comes to looking and feeling our best. Nutrafol Hair Growth Nutraceuticals are clinically effective daily supplements meant to reduce excess shedding and decreased scalp coverage for patients who want to proactively stop hair loss in its tracks.

The drug-free, medical-grade ingredients in Nutrafol supplements target the root causes of hair loss, including stress, poor nutrition, and hormone changes faced every day. Our expert physicians will help you identify which Nutrafol products are right for you, so you can get back to feeling your very best.

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Nutrafol Nutraceuticals VS. Traditional Hair Loss Treatments

  • Natural results
  • Whole body wellness
  • No smelly, sticky sprays or serums
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Nonsurgical
  • Low cost
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Nutrafol Men's Hair Growth Pack

This clinically-proven formula proactively combats thinning hair in men ages 18+ by naturally addressing the six leading causes of hair loss: Hormones, stress, lifestyle, metabolism, aging, and nutrition.

$209 | 3-Month Supply

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Nutrafol Women's Balance Hair Growth Pack

This award-winning hair growth formula naturally targets the six root causes of thinning hair in post-menopausal women ages 45+: Hormones, stress, lifestyle, metabolism, nutrition, and aging.

$209 | 3-Month Supply

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Nutrafol HairbioticMD Booster

This physician-formulated microbiome booster works with the rest of the Nutrafol Hair Growth line to improve gut health and increase nutrient absorption for an improved immune system, faster results, reduced stress, and better sleep—all the ingredients needed for better health and the luscious hair you’ve always wanted.

$100 | 3-Month Supply

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Stress AdaptogenMD Booster

This booster works with the rest of the Nutrafol Hair Growth line to combat one of the leading causes of hair loss: Stress. Excessive worry, anxiety, and trouble sleeping all lead to hair thinning and loss. This physician-formulated booster consists of four adaptogens to holistically address the body’s ability to reduce cortisol naturally.

$100 | 3-Month Supply

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Nutrafol Growth Activator

This fast-absorbing, patent-pending restorative hair serum is the first of its kind. The lightweight serum is formulated with Ashwagandha Exosomes to boost cell renewal and naturally activate thicker, stronger hair in as little as 90 days. Pair with the rest of the Nutrafol Hair Growth line for best results.

$69 | 3-Month Supply

FAQ: Nutrafol Nutraceuticals

Nutrafol Nutraceuticals are supplements made from medical-grade, bio-optimized botanical ingredients held to pharmaceutical-grade standards during extraction and purification.

Research shows that six underlying factors affect the body’s ability to grow and retain hair. Nutrafol targets hormone imbalances, stress, nutritional factors, lifestyle impacts, metabolism changes, and aging.

We know that DNA plays a part in hair loss, but factors such as toxins, pollution, over-styling, hormones, and stress also contribute to hair loss. The Nutrafol line is clinically shown to help your body fight back against these hair loss drivers.

We work with every patient to create a unique treatment plan, but Nutrafol is most effective for patients who still have some hair and whose hair follicles have not yet become shiny and smooth. In these cases, we can look at complementary therapies to get you to your optimal result.

Everyone is different and requires more or less hair loss recovery. Hair grows slowly! But the effects of the Nutrafol system can be seen early on, including more volume, better sleep, less stress, and even clearer skin. Patients generally start seeing new growth around 3–6 months and will continue to see growth with sustained treatment.

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