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Promotes Relaxation | Aids Healing | Improves Chronic Pain | Overall Wellbeing

Acupuncture is an ancient and effective treatment for many concerns, including pain and specific health challenges or goals, as well as promoting an overall feeling of wellness. Chronic conditions such as neck, back, and knee pain benefit from the treatments, and acupuncture can even help prevent tension and migraine headaches. Our patients are encouraged to make acupuncture part of their ongoing wellness plan, as the effects promote healing, relaxation, and stress reduction.

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Benefits of Acupuncture

  • Reduces pain
  • Targets specific health goals
  • Promotes full body wellness
  • Quick results
  • Noninvasive
  • No downtime

FAQ: Acupuncture

Despite how scary they might look, the needles used in acupuncture are extremely fine, almost as thin as a hair, and do not hurt. Some people report a pressure sensation during insertion, but the needle itself is barely noticeable.

Treatment times can vary depending on your needs and the length of your pre-session consultation, but typically you should expect to spend about an hour in our office for your acupuncture session.

The number of treatments you need will depend on each patient’s body and goals. Usually, treatments are scheduled weekly and sometimes bi-weekly for chronic problems. Acute ailments like a sore throat, congestion, or pain may respond in a single session.

There is no downtime with acupuncture. You can continue your daily activities immediately after your session, though we recommend avoiding strenuous activities for about 30 minutes after your treatment.

Some patients feel immediate relief from acute problems and only need to schedule maintenance appointments as needed. You can expect to feel the therapeutic benefits of your acupuncture session for about 3–4 days while treating chronic conditions that require more frequent treatments.

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