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Restore Your Strength

Strengthen Muscles | Tone Body | No Downtime | No Surgery

Imagine waking up to a visibly toned body after only one workout! With the Evolve Tone treatment, your strength and shape goals are closer than ever in a quick, nonsurgical procedure with absolutely no downtime.

This cutting-edge noninvasive procedure uses electrical impulses to stimulate your muscles’ motor neurons, toning and shaping your body with every contraction—all while you relax. Our expert team is excited to offer this life-changing treatment to our patients.

benefitsEvolveTone Muscle Toning Inmode Tone

Benefits of InMode Evolve Tone

  • Sculpted, toned, and stronger muscles
  • Tone multiple muscle groups at once
  • Nonsurgical and noninvasive
  • Quick session time
  • No downtime or recovery time

FAQ: InMode Evolve Tone

An Evolve Tone treatment feels like your muscles contracting during regular exercise, and we adjust the level to your comfort.

Session times can vary according to your custom plan, but typically Evolve Tone treatments run for about 30 minutes.

The number of treatments you need will depend on each patient’s body and goals, but there is no limit to how many Evolve Tone sessions you can do safely.

There is no downtime with an Evolve Tone treatment, and the only side effect is feeling like you had an excellent workout.

In some cases, you will see desired results after only one treatment, but you should typically expect results after a couple of treatments. Full results are visible after completing your custom plan’s last session.

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