Pelvic Floor Strengthening
(InMode VTone)

Restore Your Confidence and Drive

Fast Recovery | No Surgery | FDA-Approved

We know how important it is to feel like your very best self! But many women face low sex drive and bladder leaks over time due to a weakened pelvic floor, leading to lower confidence and less sensitivity during sex. Until now, the only treatments available were diet changes, hormone therapy, vaginal surgery, and Kegel exercises.

Restoration Health is proud to offer InMode VTone: The only FDA-approved nonsurgical treatment on the market to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improve these challenges. The innovative VTone technology uses electric pulses to contract the muscles—essentially doing those Kegel exercises for you!

InModeVTone new Pelvic Floor Strengthening

InMode VTone Benefits

  • Short recovery time
  • Quick sessions
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No general anesthetic required
  • Improved sensitivity during sex
  • Naturally restores bladder control

FAQ: InMode VTone

The VTone treatment is an electrical pulse that makes your muscles contract as they would during a Kegel exercise—but without the time and effort.

Each VTone session lasts about 20–30 minutes, but the entire course will depend on the patient’s unique treatment plan.

Each treatment plan is specific to your needs and goals, but patients typically need 6 sessions spaced 1–3 weeks apart for desired results.

There is no downtime associated with the VTone treatment. There may be some slight muscle soreness, but patients can generally resume daily activities immediately.

Results will appear soon after the first session and continue to improve through your treatment course.

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